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What is BRANDS & U ?

#Brandsandu is India's leading 360° 

design solution platform, providing 

a solution to brand to tell great stories.

We are a master in our craft, providing 360-degree solutions to brands from concept to promotion focusing on art direction, photography, set design

& styling. As visual storytellers, we’re determined to transform any concept into a purely visual language

We help Brand by providing a complete solution under one roof.


The associated brands benefit by gaining a lot of customer attention, increasing real engagement, and growing their business.Brands today are no longer what we tell people, they are what people tell each other.

What We Do


We Create


Key Messaging

Logos /Identity

Advertising Campaign

Story Telling through 

Video & Still Photography


How We Do


“It was a great experience working with brandsandu

they helped us in planning and executing a killer launch strategy

and helped us getting

power influencers


Diana Waldman

Founder at Jewel

“Producing sales is tough job and brandsandu crafted impactful creatives and their insights on our UI/UX helped in customer acquisition and retention to a great Extent”

Eric Leon 
VP Marketing Mobile

“We do a lot of PR events

and getting brandsandu on board was the best decision

as they not only helped us in materializing in flawless events but also helped us

with key data analytics of our social media profiles”

Rachel Rose

Marketing Specialist



Let’s Talk

We're a bunch of experienced entrepreneurs, marketeers & tech geeks who believe that we can help better the way marketing is done on different platforms.


We believe people hold the utmost power to create or break the brand, including a major chunk of monetization.

We believe that the future lies in the beautiful blend of technology & people, and we're here to make it happen with you.


Just drop us a line, and one of our friendly neighborhood superheroes will give you a call.

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