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New Delhi, India, August 20, 2021- What a year it has been. Brands & U has been recognized as one of the Top eCommerce SEO Agencies & Services in 2021 by none other than DesignRush, a B2B marketplace that connects brands with professional full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms, and top technology companies.

Their platform lists over 9,300 agencies from over 50 different countries and is consulted by thousands of decision-makers looking to start a project.


“It is a matter of great privilege and indeed an honor for us to be recognized for the way we have added value to brands with our exceptional SEO Skills. Indeed, we have had some major turnaround projects this year including the massive impact brought to a refractory manufacturer from Malaysia this year, but what’s amazing, is to be recognized for our work and that too in a competitive landscape where agencies are dime a dozen,” said Pranav Rastogi, The Co-Founder at Brands & U.


Brandsandu has rapidly scaled up operations not just pertaining to the Indian subcontinent but also in the Global Market. Thanks to the shrinking Geo-Political borders and acceptance to remote work during Post COVID times. Not just we have developed and executed Cost-effective solutions but also delivered maximum ROI and that’s why our clients love us and we share a lifetime bond with them. It is our work and client satisfaction that has given us some top spots in major rankings this year.



Brandsandu is a 360° Branding and digital marketing company in Delhi & NCR providing a complete solution from branding to social media, from public relations & influencer marketing to media buying to interactive solutions like websites and app under one roof to small, medium, and big businesses, MSME and Corporates not just in India but globally too. Providing the best ROI, we are an ace at generating exponential growth and increased revenue in business through out-of-the-box strategies coupled with brilliant execution.

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Brandsandu ranked in the  
Top 20 eCommerce SEO Agencies & Services.​

August 20, 2021

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