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Top 5 Backlinks Building Agencies in 2021

Top 5 Backlinks Building AGENCIES IN 2021

Backlinks are the signals that Google uses to determine whether your website is a trusted resource worth referencing. The more high-quality backlinks that point to your website, the better your chances of getting rankings for profitable keywords and competitive search queries that drive sales.

If someone links to your website, then you have backlinks from them. If you link to another website, then you will get backlinks from you.

Backlinks mainly help three things:

  • Ranking: Search engines like Google treat backlinks as a vote of confidence. Generally speaking, the more votes your pages receive, the more likely they are to rank in relevant search queries. We have studied link-based ranking factors many times, but we always find the same thing: the number of unique website backlinks (referring domains) is closely related to natural search traffic.

  • Discoverability: Search engines find new content by revisiting pages they already know to find new links. Because search engines revisit popular pages more frequently than unpopular pages, if you get backlinks from popular pages, they can discover your content faster.

  • Recommended traffic backlinks exist to guide people to useful resources. This is why they are clickable. When someone clicks on a link to your website, they will get referral traffic.

Different types of backlinks

  • Editing backlinks are another type of backlink that you can use to increase traffic to your website content. This basically means that other reputable websites want to link to high-quality content. The main purpose of getting these links is to support your work and share useful information with people. For example, if the website contains information on a specific topic or the person being interviewed has a link to the website.

  • Relationship-based backlinks-These are usually created when you successfully establish a strong relationship with a webmaster or reporter. When they are more willing to mention you when writing content and links to some valuable source, this is called relationship-based link building. If you contact the website as the source, you can easily convert the edit link into a relationship. Based on the link. In addition, to create relationship-based links, you can also display high-quality content to understand the types of relationships you can establish with your respective webmaster or reporter.

  • Identifying backlinks Another SEO backlink promotion that can help you improve your website brand is to identify backlinks. This type of backlinks are mainly posted when your brand sponsors industry events, has representatives, and so on. To get these specific types of backlinks, you can take advantage of the backlink checker. These SEO tools will help you identify sites from which competitors have obtained backlinks. A detailed analysis will help you develop strategies to obtain more high-quality identifying backlinks.

  • Badge backlinks Badge backlinks is another smart technology through which you can obtain high-quality backlinks. Badges are basically awards created or awarded by other websites and are considered a status symbol. If you link to a badged website, people are more likely to trust your website. To get badge backlinks, you can search for a set of websites that can rate and create badges. You can use the power of the tool to find similar sites and topics. Remember, the more you link to a brand’s website, the easier it will be to rank higher on Google.

  • Commenting backlinks: You can post comments with links by adding comments to specific blog posts. This approach is often abused by spammers and can negatively impact link building tools. However, you can easily increase the visibility of your website by posting comments on quality content. When following this approach, be careful not to overdo it. Comment only on quality industry blogs. You can use this tool to find similar sites.

There are many techniques that can be used for SEO to make a website rank higher. One of these techniques is called SEO's white hat backlinks. Most search engines rank websites based on relevance and credibility. White hat backlink hacks for SEO:

  • Internal Links : start with internal links Most people ignore internal links on their website, but this is a great SEO technique. Internal links can help you share the page permissions and ranking capabilities of the homepage of your website with other pages on your website. You have full access to the links you select on the website. Internal links also create a separate profile for the link, allowing Google to easily crawl your site to rank it. But you need to be careful when linking with specific keywords. Sometimes Google treats keywords as spam, so you need to be careful. Consider the content, anchor text, and tracking links used for link building.

  • Use surveys: Another trick for backlinks is to use surveys on your website. You should collect a large number of responses for your survey and thank all participants who participated in the survey. Ask participants if they are willing to link to your website by helping you with your research.

  • Directories: Submit your website online to niche-unique directories, blogger directories like neighborhood commercial enterprise directories like GoldenPages. Be very cautious with trendy net directories, as a number of them are ridden with low-profile hyperlinks and also you don’t need to companion your web website online with them.

Black Hat search engine optimization and hyperlink constructing is any exercise that is going against search engine guidelines. In an try to “game” the machine and beat search engine algorithms, practitioners inns to techniques including (however now no longer restricted to) key-word stuffing, cloaking, paid hyperlink, terrible content material quality (stolen or scraped web page content material), and spamming weblog comments.

At brandsandu we have reviewed and listed top companies for building links.

The 5 Top Link-Building Companies in the World

  1. Brandsandu


  3. Page One Power

  4. The Upper Ranks

  5. RhinoRank


Creating and distributing linkable assets is the most reliable way to get people to link to your website. At brandsandu We use this expertise and rich experience to develop a comprehensive and proven content marketing plan to help our clients generate high-quality backlinks.


There may be linkable content resources on your website. What if other websites or bloggers do not know that these assets exist? No one will link to them, right? Yes, this is a problem. In order for people (especially bloggers) to master your content, you need what SEO calls blogger influence. And this is exactly what FATJOE is good at. They are a trusted outreach service for bloggers, and even other organizations trust it to generate backlinks.

Page One Power

Most suitable for strategic links Obtaining backlinks from top-level domain (DA60+) websites requires a combination of linkable assets, influence and advanced strategies. Although Page One Power is more expensive and not as productive as FATJOE, it does well in this regard. Every year, this company supports the acquisition of more than 15,000 strategic backlinks for customers on average from top-level domain sites.

The Upper Ranks

The best choice for white label links Not all organizations have the time and resources to successfully carry out link building activities for each of their clients. Upper Ranks specializes in providing large-scale high-quality links, and their goal is to help agencies build links for their clients. They tend to work more with agencies rather than directly with companies that want to establish contacts.


Sometimes, other websites have posted content fragments containing information related to the asset on their own website. In this case, please contact the webmasters of these sites and request links, also known as planning link building. According to our review, RhinoRank is the company of choice for this type of link acquisition strategy.

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