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Top 20 Branding agencies in the world

Top 20 Branding agencies in the world-
Top 20 Branding agencies in the world

Brand agencies provide various services aimed at launching new brands or renewing mature brands. For start-ups, the branding process may include industry research, naming, development of key information, and creation of a brand manual, which contains guidelines on the use of logos, color schemes, fonts, and style rules that will be applied to the brand information.

  1. Catchword is a leading global branding agency with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. Catchwords is an award-winning agency that delivers compelling brand and business messages for businesses, products, and services. Over 20 years of the in-depth creative process, Catchword has helped clients across all industries, discover the brand's most important asset: the name. The Catchword team works closely with the customer team to better understand your brand and business goals and find names, logos, and other versions to support them. Their clients include Aetna, Fitbit, Intel, and Starbucks.

  2. BVLR Headquartered in San Diego, California, provides four types of expertise to companies that need to help develop their brands. For companies that need to develop a new brand, BLVR employees conduct research, formulate the company's vision and mission statement, determine how to best position the new brand and develop the company name, slogan, and other identifying elements. The company's brand design services include graphic design, packaging design, art direction, and event design, as well as copywriting, video, photography, and other auxiliary services. Their clients include Tony Robbins, Vessel, and San Diego State University.

  3. C42D has six major service lines designed to help businesses acquire new customers and increase sales. C42D helps better understand customers and industries and develops successful brand strategies through brand discovery and audit services. C42D offers a range of branding services for businesses that understand their audience and competitors, including developing their core mission, values, behavior, and message. This includes creative consulting, developing brand architecture, and helping clients design great names for their products. C42D also provides branding services such as logo, color scheme, and font development.

  4. DeSantis Breindel is dedicated to B2B marketing. The company typically works with clients in the technology, healthcare, real estate, professional services, and financial services industries. Employees also have experience working with private foundations, non-profit organizations, and trade unions. DeSantis Breindel offers a range of services to build a lasting brand for its customers and maintain contact between customers and employees.

Top 20 Branding agencies in the world-
Top 20 Branding agencies in the world

  1. Evviva team focuses on creating a brand that matches the business goals of each client. Employees have extensive experience in helping companies make brand decisions in various situations, including launching new products, adopting new business strategies, and encountering new competitors in the market. Their clients include Amazon, DocuSign, and Google Fiber.

  2. Id8 team members work with business owners and corporate executives to create unforgettable brands and help companies maintain customer engagement. The company's brand services include brand strategy, brand review, development of brand materials, and assistance in formulating appropriate information. For companies that need help in marketing and communications, id8 can assist in the formulation of marketing strategies, marketing research, and the development of marketing materials and sales presentations. The company also has experience in traditional and digital advertising and media planning and buying.

  3. Lounge Lizard is a full-service agency that provides branding services, website/application development, UX/UI design, and marketing services. For companies launching new brands, Lounge Lizard team members can assist in developing the right brand voice and determine the best way to position the new brand in the market. The company's website designers emphasize usability, combining their visually appealing designs with elements that make each website work exactly as expected. Their Clients include A&E Television, Disney, and Canon.

  4. Motto is a brand agency that uses its creative services to help the company establish its leading position in the industry. The team members first create a brand framework that aligns with each client's overall business strategy. The creation of this framework helps determine the company's core values, determine the appropriate brand positioning, and develop attributes that can be used to attract new customers. Motto employees also emphasize the importance of language in marketing company products and services. They write brand stories, create message kits, create voice prompts, and delete copies of print and digital marketing materials. Their clients include Google, Hershey, and 20th Century Fox.

  5. Paragraphs, LLC is a brand development company headquartered in Chicago, providing six types of marketing services. For customers preparing to launch a new brand, Paragraphs provides naming services, corporate image development, and brand guide creation, as well as customized launch plans. The members of the company team also use their marketing expertise to help clients develop successful promotional strategies. These services include competitor research, brand promotion, and target audience research. Since brand stories are very important for connecting with consumers, Paragraphs provides a variety of storytelling services, including content development, copywriting, and infographics. Their clients include IBM Watson, Baxter Healthcare, and Coca-Cola FEMSA.

  6. Ruckus is a business agency that combines creativity with strategic direction. To help our clients achieve their goals, Ruckus offers four main lines of service: Branding, Operating System, Campaign, and Video/Photo. The Platforms group focuses on creating visually appealing websites and applications to increase brand exposure on the Internet. The group's services include e-commerce development, responsive design, custom CMS development, and iPhone/Android application development.

  7. SmartSites provides branding, web design, development, and other services in one place. SmartSites offers a variety of website design, hosting, and maintenance services, including WordPress and Drupal development, for customers who need a strong online presence.

  8. Social media 55 provides a range of services that can help companies increase customer engagement and generate more sales. Most services are provided through one of three service lines: digital services, optimization, and social media services. The company's digital services include brand promotion, email marketing, website design, and content marketing to increase visits to customer websites. Social Media 55 helps customers generate potential customers through its optimization services, including local and national SEO, conversion rate optimization, and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. They have clients including Shopify, Your Maui Escape, and Two Bears Coffee.

  9. Tenet Partners provides various services aimed at launching new brands and transforming existing brands. The Tenet team works with the customer to develop a vision and growth strategy for the company. This strategy can be used as a roadmap for developing new brands or renewing mature brands. The staff uses their brand expertise to create compelling stories suitable for each brand industry and audience. Their clients include IBM, Xerox, and Cisco Systems.

  10. Traina Design is a full-service brand promotion agency that focuses on creating authentic brand experiences that resonate with key stakeholders. Before formulating a brand strategy, team members conduct extensive research, which may include competition analysis, stakeholder interviews, industry research, and questionnaire surveys. This helps them create compelling stories to attract potential customers. The company also provides logo design, naming services, brand style guidelines, and information delivery for customers in all walks of life. Their clients include Microsoft, Facebook, and Brooklyn Brewery.

  11. WANT Branding offers four lines of services to help companies build strong brands. Brand strategy, branding, brand identity, brand research. In a strategy meeting, WANT brand experts research to evaluate the brand value and determine how the brand is perceived. They use this information to develop appropriate business strategies to help us better serve our customers. WANT Branding uses naming services to create names for companies, departments, products, and services. The naming process includes preliminary brand research, consumer research, and linguistic analysis to ensure that a proposed name is globally unique and usable. Their clients include Call of Duty, Hewlett Packard, and MGM Resorts International.

  12. 111 Media Group is a digital marketing agency that provides a variety of branding services. They design logos and create other business elements to stand out from the competition. They even create a brand review video that explains to your viewers why they are there, and what they offer.

  13. Ramotion is a branding agency that Builds a visual identity and develops business strategies for startups and growing tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles, and other tech hubs around the world. Their top clients include Mozilla, Salesforce, Xero.

  14. Startup Branding Agency is San Francisco based branding agency experienced in brand identity, brand strategy, and marketing for growing startups. Their clients include Volusion, Truebill, Descript.

  15. Red Antler is a Brooklyn-based branding agency. They work holistically with ambitious founders to build, launch, and grow early-stage companies from scratch their clients include Casper, Google, Foursquare.

  16. Mucho believes that Powerful ideas do not come out of thin air. Creativity follows strategy because it follows analysis. It points to the core of any human endeavor: its values ​​are very close to the brand. Their top clients include Venmo, Dolby, PayPal.

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