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Cashing the power of Social Media Stories

Cashing the power of Social Media Stories
Cashing the power of Social Media Stories

The story concept was introduced by Snapchat and distributed worldwide via Instagram. This concise information is not only visible to people but has a lasting impact on people. This is why good marketers are popular. An average Instagram user views Stories 24-32 minutes a day? This statement was confirmed by Instagram itself. No one could have imagined that Snapchat's 2013 concept would be what it is today. Story status usually disappears and expires after 24 hours. Published vertically and optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Each platform has its own slightly different storytelling capabilities, but the core is the same. You need to provide information to the user about areas that are easy to digest. It's about getting your message across to the public. Many people think that since this is such a short content, just creating slides or other things should be easy. But they were wrong. This is what makes it so difficult. Before the user enters the next story, within a few milliseconds that the user spends on a story, there are many things that need to be communicated. From the perspective of marketers, every story uploaded should have a certain depth, because this will motivate viewers to search for more content. Instagram provides a platform for marketers to create and publish high-quality stories to advertise and get a real business experience.

Story marketing allows you to connect with your viewers and you can get started right away and stream live updates, webinars, and more to them. Promote published content, including new articles, blogs, and videos. Reuse content from influencer brands you work with.

When creating a story, keep the following in mind:

  • Create content that matches your story. We're not saying you limit yourself. But always keep in mind that to make your posts clearer and more beautiful, you need to create the right size content. Watch live movies to enhance your performance with your audience.

  • Keep trying. Stories can do endless things. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to templates, color schemes, or anything that might make your content seem monotonous or repetitive to your audience. Keep trying new things.

  • Be as creative as possible. When creating a story, you can use filters, stickers, fonts, etc. Use these different features and create content that instantly connects with your audience.

  • Use UTM to monitor your progress Using UTM codes (which can be added to the URL you enter in the story), you can easily track the behavior of your followers after they see your story. Find out what they clicked and what did not. The "swipe up" feature is another great feature that can direct your followers to the login page or website.

  • Include AR and GIF stories that focus on personal storytelling. You can further enhance your user experience with customizable GIFs or augmented reality. Make sure these elements are included in your content as well.

  • Starts and ends story with a brand message. Plan your storyline so that it starts and ends with your brand. This allows users to recognize your message and leave a lasting impression. This can be done, including brand logos, hashtags, slogans.

  • Don't spam with stickers. You can use stickers to create interesting effects in your story. You can also use votes and sliders to create intuitive controls, but overuse can ruin the story and discourage users. Instead, find creative ways to work with your stories.

  • Create a strong call to action. When you create an interesting, informative, and enjoyable story for your audience, feel free to add a call to action at the end.

No two days are alike in the digital world. So our content must adapt to this evolving industry. Creating a story is one of the fastest ways to get your message across to your current audience. So, you need to start building it and incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

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