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Every year is the beginning of new opportunities, adventures, and transformation. As history unfolds, new transformational ideas have wiped old ones out, while others tend to gain acceleration moving from the sidelines into the mainstream.

2020 was not our year. Businesses are still facing multiple challenges - losing market share, changing consumer behavior, and shutting down stores in addition to the overall impact on their operations owing to restrictions.

Branding - it's all about setting your ideas to set aside your competitors. Because of one year leap, the market value has decreased. In this era of the digital world, one has to create a strong social brand identity that will capture the attention of your target audience.

Today's blog is all about branding trends 2021. We have all the information you need to keep up with your competitors and stand out in your industry.

  • Logo adaptability

We all know the importance of the logo. It gives your brand a unique identity. If you want to get noticed, you have to be present everywhere. Now I'm not talking about just the physical store promoting your company or about advertisement and pamphlets. I'm talking about digital marketing. You have to thrive in digital marketing. You will need to have an informative website to be present on several social networking platforms.

Shape shifting logo designs are something to notice in 2021. What does that mean? It means that your logo change in size, complexity, or color depending on what you are using it for.

Another popular thing is creating a one- tone logo that can be used as watermarks on photos. It allows your customer to recognize your brand in different ways.

  • Muted colors

Back then, neon colors were all the rage. But now things are different. Brand design trends favor muted color. They prefer soft colors mixed with either a black or white base, that doesn't seem so bright.

Now you must be thinking about why there has been a shift away from bold colors? The trend caught on a bit too well. You can find bold colors everywhere and nothing is constant in this market. Everyone wants to adopt the latest trend to outstand themselves. Muted colors give a smooth and social texture -exactly what the customer wants to see.

  • Minimalism

Minimalism has been taking over as one of the top brand design trends! What is minimalism?

Minimalism is marked by the removal of extra design elements paring down until what is left- the core or interior of the creation.

You can see minimalism across landing pages, social post newsletters, logos or advertising hoardings, and branded merchandise.

In coming year, minimalism will become an important factor to consider in your brand strategy.

  • Nostalgic brand marketing

Digital marketing is all you need to invest in. people have their eyes glued on their social media accounts for the latest technology, gadgets, fashion design, and trends in various industries. People love to keep their culture alive. With the help of nostalgic brand marketing, you can invoke old memories and attach positive feelings to your products and services.

Nostalgic brand marketing allows you to keep customer's memories alive - allowing you to build a stronger and healthy relationship. It allows customers to trust you more efficiently.

  • Media branding

Social media is a new culture. Smartphones and Internet Accessibility have paved the way for social media culture. That's why it comes as no surprise that 90% of organizations leverage social media for brand awareness.

Pay attention to social media branding. Learn and adapt ways to showcase your products and services on social media platforms. You have to know the formats of different social media platforms. It is so because every social media platform focuses on different content.

Understand the importance and usage of social media management tools or digital marketing tools to plan and measure the impact of the content you published.

  • Simple and classic fonts

Simplicity is never outdated! Classic fonts are making a comeback. They are going to be a brand design trend to follow in 2021.

These textual styles inspired sentimentality and reliability- which is why they are making their comeback.

Try Including them in headings or subheadings as they are not easy to use for large paragraphs.

  • Dark mode

The dark mode is taking over the online for the past few years and will impact the brand design trend 2021 and beyond. People prefer dark mode over the default one as it's a sleek modern looking application highlighting design elements and reduces eye strain. No wonder that even Google has adapted this brand. Now you can now imagine how important and trendy it is.

  • Humanized Brand Personality

The truth of the matter is, it’s troublesome for clients to believe brands. They feel like most companies are out to urge their cash. If you need them to invest with you, you must humanize your brand.

Connecting identity to your brand is one of the foremost attempted and tried brand showcasing patterns of all time. After all, people have multifaceted identities, so ought your company.

Humanizing your brand makes it easier for clients to believe you. Incorporating humor and snark into your brand identity can assist you to be more approachable.

  • Natural Designs

There has been a movement toward characteristic plans in recent years. In 2020, gritty tones in stock photography were all the rage. And we’re getting to see something comparable in 2021. Nature has always been an essential part of a branding plan. In the coming years, nature will have a great impact on how plans are created. Not only will we see more natural colors, but gradients will be used to depict natural light settings, giving visuals a more layered look.

Stock photographs will be more characterized — postured symbolism won’t appeal to many people.

  • Authenticity

The pandemic has appeared up a parcel of inauthentic endeavors from brands, celebrities, and politicians. That is why genuineness will be a characterizing brand plan drift of 2021.

Take up a social cause and work towards making a change in your local community or the world.

Authenticity is at a premium right now so make it a focus for your 2021 brand strategy.

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