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Have you ever heard of Virat Kohli? My bad! I don't think this name even needs an introduction. Virat Kohli has made a marked his name in the Indian Cricket team with his fabulous performances. Indian captain, Virat Kohli is unstoppable these days both on and off-field. His success is not a secret. Someone said - Hard work and consistency are the keys to success. Well, Virat Kohli has adopted this strategy like no one else and the results are quite clear. Today he is the brand ambassador of the most popular brand in the world.

What makes him different?-it is his undying starvation to score runs and stay within the center with all the energy and energy. Not shocking that he has gotten to be such a tremendous brand within the market.

According to a report published by Duff and Phelps, Virat Kohli's brand value in October 2016 is estimated to be around $92 million. It is a massive boost for Virat Kohli, who has become the hottest property in world cricket in the last two years. Also, he is only next to Shah Rukh Khan in terms of brand value. The moment Virat Kohli became captain of ODI and T20; his worth would have gone up by 20-25%.

A new book - Winning like Virat: Think & Succeed like Kohli by Abhirup Bhattacharya unravels the secrets of his consistent form while attempting to decode his philosophy towards life.

Why Virat Kohli Stands As The Coolest Fashion Brand Ambassador?

He is not only good with his batting skills but has a different charming look. He is one of the most handsome cricketers in the world. He manages to steal all your attraction with his tempting and attractive looks.

Many of the brands have opted for Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador for their products because they can relate the product to his habits/ profession or the celebrity lifestyle of a sportsman. He is known for his great fitness habits that help him to be on point when he is on the field as a captain.

He has limited his endorsement renewals towards the of 2017 and has been fussy about endorsing the right brand so that he can truly stand for the ones that he believes in as a user.

Let us have a look at some of the brands endorsing Virat -

A person's difficult work and commitment are fundamental to compete at the most elevated level of your wear. His concentration must be unbreakable. Virat Kohli has the number one work ethic and a strong team around him because he has the best work ethic. Virat Kohli is one of the top-paying athletes in the world. It seems like Brand Kohli can do anything. Captain Virat Kohli from Team India has been known to endorse and count over 17 brands.

  • Great Learning

Great Learning has appointed Virat Kohli in September 2020 to be its brand ambassador for technical and higher education.

  • Himalaya

You must have noticed Virat Kohli and Rishabh Pant featuring in the Himalayan advertisement.

  • Myntra

Virat and Anushka became the first e-commerce fashion site to have ever become brand ambassadors, Myntra, in May 2019.

  • Google Duo

The cute advertisement featuring the coupled for the brand in March 2019 was eye catching.

  • MPL- Mobile Premier League

Mobile sports platform (MPL) in March 2019, endorsed Virat Kohli, as its brand ambassador. With everyone distancing themselves socially at their own homes, online gaming and mobile gaming are becoming increasingly popular. MPL alias Mobile Premiere League, which Virat Kohli has been sponsoring since 2019, is the one most lucrative for this situation.

  • Puma

As the first Indian sportsman to sign a 110-crew contract with a single brand, Virat Kohli became in February 2017. The MEN ONE8 version of Puma was also promoted by Virat.

  • Colgate

Recently, Virat Kohli has been clothed with a new variant from Colgate.. For a few years now, he has collaborated with the toothpaste brand.

  • Wrogn

Wrogn was co-founded by Universal Sportsbiz (USPL) in 2014 by Virat Kohli.

  • Audi

Virat Kohli only endorses brands he truly believes in. And, he has never shied away from showing his love for Audi. His Audi collection boasts of models like A8, R8, Q7, among others.

  • Too Yumm

The company named Virat Kohli as its ambassador of wellness, saying that the product is a balanced snack.

  • Manyavar

Men's ethnic wear brand Manyavar appointed Virat Kohli as its official ambassador in 2016.

  • Uber

Uber officially signed Virat Kohli as its Brand Ambassador in March 2018.

  • Philips India

In June 2018, he became Philips Trimmers' brand ambassador. Virat has another big brand to support.

It would be no wrong to say that Virat is an unbeatable brand.

As an audience, we cherish such celebrities who do their best for themselves and at the same time make beyond any doubt that their choice of supporting a brand does not trick the die-hard fans who take after them. Cheers to Virat Kohli and the rest of the celebrities who have a sense of social obligations and acting towards the same.

You saw that how Virat kohli- a small-town boy, becomes the ultimate brand of a class. No matter who you are or from where you are, you can always become the one. Living a strained life is tough but living a luxurious life is tough too. Nothing is easy, everything is hard but the best thing is you can choose you’re hard, so choose wisely.

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