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“ Make something people want, includes making a company that people want to work for”

To be successful, you have to put your heart in your business and Your business in your heart. Yes, the company is built by its members, the people working in it! if people loved the environment and coordination, the company is succeeded.

Let's talk about how to build a company people love

What makes an organization or brand memorable?

Your company all Corporation isn’t memorable because of your website or logo or advertisements, all though they do matter as the first impression is the last impression but your company is memorable when it stands for some value when it stands for something!

Your company should have the Principle that connects people with the purpose values and vision of the company that chooses to work with you.

Ethics and principles are important as people may forget the product but not your service. They will remember how you make them feel, did recognize the personality of the organization, how they were treated. They value your organization because it matters to their Story. They will never forget the experience.

Always remember accompanies consistency in values and behavior may be the best measure in how the authority and staff members are connected.

“People buy brands they trust”

Importance of having a right company Culture

Having a strong company culture is important! Lacking in strong company culture fails irrespective of talent and sources. Pay attention to all successful companies and look for the message they want to spread to their customers. They take care of their customers or employees and provide them with solid perks and benefits. They work collaboratively with respect and trust!

5 ways to build a strong company culture

  • Start with the foundation - when you are starting a company, take your beliefs and experiences into consideration. You are the one giving it a framework. Build a foundation with core principles.

  • Right hiring- it is important to create a culture that goes well with companies' goals and values. This helps your organization stand tall in the competitive world. Hiring the right type of people who fit with your organization’s values should be your strategy. Wrong hiring can change your motive. Hire those who can fit in your vision.

  • Vision – think about a positive vision! Before starting a company, think about your goals, the goal which you want to achieve, and work hard towards it! Create a vision, hire people and work for it! Make sure you have realistic goals that you can achieve!

  • You brand into a cause – what is the purpose of your brand? Why you are creating this company? Will it address customers’ problems? You should think about these types of questions because answers to these solutions will give your brand a reputation.

  • Employee satisfaction- your employee's satisfaction should be your prior job. Make sure your employees are satisfied with their job. It helps in the growth of the company.

"it's about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment, and helping to find a way to innovate “

How HR can help in building a company people love?

HR is a department responsible for managing the employees' life cycle and oversee their benefits. Let's see some of the ways HR can do-

  • Get regular feedback from your employees- if you want to know about employee culture in your company and how your employee feel about working in your company – ask them! The answer might be shocking. The simple fact of asking your employees what drives them will show you value their input!

  • You can have a feedback box in every department of your company. You can ask the line managers to regularly ask their employees about the company culture. You can conduct a survey, as they allow you to get quicker feedback and take immediate actions.

  • Today leaders need to take a much more holistic view to engaging people as part of their business. Regular feedback is a healthy way to start and show your employees that you value their opinions. Make them comfortable by communicating with them and take immediate action whenever required.

  • Say hello to flexible working – technology has made our work easier. Employees can work longer homes and some time on weekends too!

Your company must show that they value their employees' work-life balance

  • Put in place an approach that works but for your employees!

  • Besides checking the balance sheet or shares of your company you need to create a strong culture within your employee. Yours have to put your people first because they are the one working to make your company a successful brand. You need to treat your employee like your customer- take care of their benefits, perks, and certificates!

Promote people on the basics of how they manage things nor just on performance. Listen to what people want and act accordingly. You must focus on flexibility and accessibility!

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