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''It's not the best content that wins. It is the best-promoted content that wins.''

-Andy Erestodina

The reason why companies are speaking so much bout Chabot, videos, media, advertisements because these technologies can be applied to improve the success of a customer's journey from prospect to so happy-they-prefer-people levels.

Content is useful only when it is useful!

Sometimes, a customer doesn't need content. They are looking for a solution. They need something to work better and faster. They need more communication and support. Content is just one of the marketing tools a company needs. Content is nothing but a benefit. A well-executed content can change customer interaction immensely. Sometimes, with your content, people get attracted and buy from you.

But is that all you need? Do people care only about content? How much the customer path to purchase has has evolved? Is content enough for them to purchase your product?

The market is evolving constantly and, so is the competition and changing consumer's expectations and demands

What is the Path to Purchase?

The path to purchase represents the various channels that businesses rely on to transform leads and prospects into customers. From search engines and social media to email and paid ads, there is no "right" channel for converting customers.

Expectations and demands make growth harder than ever to generate.

Back then, advertisement is limited to television, the mouth of word and buying mainly happened in brick and mortar store. Now the marketplace has evolved drastically. There is an over expanding number and variety of channels for customers to use as they move along the path to purchase. It can be said easily that the path to purchase is no longer a linear path.

Here is a representation of what a modern customer’s path to purchase look like-

  • 87% research online before visiting a store

  • 37% are desktop browsers

  • 63% are mobile or tablet users

Customers are now finding information on their own and a path to purchase. It is your job to attract the audience by creating an experience that resonates with them.

These are some key points that can help brands or companies better relate to their customers throughout their part to purchase


Understand your audience

To target your audience you must understand them. This trick of understanding your audience is to collect the data and analyze it to understand the basic pattern and behavior of your customer. Through data, you can know the past age and gender of the audience and can work accordingly.

This data will help you in future trends so instead of smashing out a bunch of information in the hope to get a positive response from the audience you should concentrate on customers' patterns and behavior. They want an easy and more efficient path of purchase.

Take your content further and wide

Your content should be encouraging enough to attract more and more people. When the audience doesn't fall in one narrow category so why should you have your content fall into that? Your content should be channeling to every platform your audience is looking at. Create some engaging content like assessments ,workshops, games and contests that will keep people clicking swiping and sharing.

Trailer your customer’s experience

As customers are now moving closer to the path of purchase businesses will need to have more knowledge about their audience interactions and behavior to improve communication. The customer wants an interesting and attractive interaction; they expect emails and social media interaction to be relevant to their interests.

Mobile is the new standard !

Customers' path to purchase is moving towards mobile. Online shopping is taking over the market to improve your ecommerce sales. Make it more convenient and interactive.

Make sure you are found!

All your efforts are in vain if your audience cannot find you when they need it. Make sure you are in one of the top search engines so that more and more people can see your work.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization helps your business get found online at the right time by the right people. Working along SEO should be a solid SEM strategy.

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