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What is AI? Is AI the next big thing in technology? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial intelligence? Keep reading our blog to know all these answers.

AI- Artificial intelligence sounds like a scientific term but AI machines can do some pretty amazing and impressive jobs.

Artificial intelligence is a wide range of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence. AI is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches. It sounds like something big!

Artificial intelligence has a vital significance in our private as well as in business life . It will plan a significant role for the companies that are willing to innovate.

According to a survey, 95% of employees think that AI will make their job easier and increase their productivity and focus.

European countries like the UK, Germany has shown the big group of AI companies. With the use of cloud, big data, and machine learning, the focus on data analytics dominates the industry.

Let us check some advantages of AI.

''Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic .''

  • Statical analyses.

Russian intelligence will change the market completely. Google, Uber, or Facebook- AI is becoming vital for most of these big tech players. AI will analyze and process data more efficiently than a human. Also, technical jobs will be more than a need in the future, A piece of cake for AI.

  • AI can drive cars!

Back then, self-driving cars were just a dream, now it is becoming a reality. Tesla -the first implementer of a self-driving vehicle is introducing an advanced drive assistance System limited to parking and semi self-driving.

  • Healthcare

AI will market an impression on healthcare! Experts are pretending many possible applications of AI in diagnosing and treating patients or helping senior citizens to live a long and healthy life. Well, that would be indeed A good impression!

  • Enhance automation

AI will perform all the intensive human Labour and backbreaking task easily without the involvement of human beings. An excellent example of AI enhancing automation can be seen in Japan.

  • Smart weather


AI will enhance the chances of creativity in Weather and climate forecasting. Next-generation disaster response climate-changing threats have led many companies to embrace AI to fight disaster with an algorithm. AI has displayed its indispensability in analyzing smart disaster responses. That would be a new step towards humanity and will save thousands of people from such disaster.

  • Innovation in the jewelry business

Artificial intelligence will also contribute to the jewelry business. It will only not be used to create impeccably crafted fine jewelry but will also change the way a person shops it. As AI will help them to know how a particular piece will look on them without actually wearing it, it will also prove to be highly significant in the strenuous process of diamond grading. It will provide an A- grade line of accuracy that is devoid of any human biases.

Microsoft is such an institution that enables us to redefine the art of jewelry designing. The design created by Microsoft’s Artificial intelligence program has been appreciated and deemed as highly promising for the future of AI in exclusive jewelry design.

  • Zero error!

Artificial intelligence promises zero scope error. Unlike a human, Machines are devoid of making mistakes.

A coin has two sides -heads and tails. Similarly, everything has pros and cons. We have seen how artificial intelligence will innovate several businesses. However, there would be several disadvantages.

Let us see its disadvantages –

  • Heavy cost

AI-enabled machines are quite complicated. Creating such a mechanism that mimics human logic and reasoning requires plenty of resources and time- making it costly.

  • No changes in creativity

Machines are programmed to perform a particular program or function. No doubt machines are capable of doing great things but cannot be programmed to think out of the box. The human mind is creative and innovative. The AI-enabled machine will operate functions with 100% accuracy but zero% creativity.

  • Unemployment

The population is accelerating at a good speed. It is difficult to get a job. With the introduction of AI, the need for human intelligence is going down as businesses look towards more error free and risk-free work that has resulted in the killing of many job opportunities. According to research, AI can replace at least 30% of human Labour. That's scary!

  • Emotions - what are they?

Artificial intelligence mimics human logic still it's a big failure. Machines cannot make emotional relations with humans because they lack emotions, support, and sympathy. Although artificial intelligence has helped many brands to increase their production and set up initial customer support, they still need a human-made of flesh blood and thick skull to resolve an ongoing issue. Machines won’t understand your pain.


If we see closely, we will see AI cannot replace humans. It will surely increase global productivity but may replace few jobs. If I have to sum up this whole thing; I'd say Ai is a huge success but there will always be a need for humans.

''Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master!''

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